That bittersweet time has come around again. The time when the fun of long summer days and hot summer nights fade into shorter days, long chilly nights, and the exploding beauty of autumn. The time when nature magically turns greens into vivid hues and shades of yellow, red, orange, purple, and brown. It’s also that time of year to switch from open work camisoles and dresses to snuggly scarves and skirts, warm hats and fingerless gloves.

One of the exciting things about the change of seasons is the change of the color palette. While I’m no stickler for rules and for what’s “in”, the Pantone Fashion Color Report is a great resource for me. The Color Report keeps you up-to-date on what colors are used in the season’s fashion trends. I like to utilize it to decide what complementary and contrasting colors to use when creating my one-of-a-kind accessories and garments.

Out of this selection of colors, my Fall 2016 favorites are Warm Taupe, Bodacious, Aurora Red, Lush Meadow, Spicy Mustard, and Potter’s Clay. What are your favorites? Take the poll below.

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